Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pet Diary - My new app for Pet Owners

I am excited to announce that my second app has just been released in the App Store. (Link)

People from different parts of the world like/dislike different things..but they share one thing in common ( besides their love for sports that is ).

People love their pets.. We spoil them with treats and spend time and money on grooming, taking them for walks etc. As proud pet owners, we created an app that captures your pets' information and memories in one place.

The app is designed to remind you about your pet's medication or the upcoming vet appointment, track weight and store photos.

We are parents of an 8 year old German Shepherd ( Maamu ) and iPhone owners. Having used multiple pet related apps that fell short of expecations, we built an app that we use regularly to track

  • Our pets' medications
  • Weight history 
  • Set reminders for vet/grooming/vaccinations 
  • Capture and store our pet's silly and fun moments ( and also share them on Facebook, Twitter, Email ) 

 Also, unlike other apps, we store the entire diary ( or diaries if you have more than 1 pet ) in iCloud so you never have to worry about losing your pet's information and memories.

 You can upgrade to a new iPhone and the Pet Diary app will sync all your data for you automatically.

The app is available in 6 different languages ( English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese and Chinese ) so pet owners around the world can use the app easily.

 More information about the app can be found here.


  1. Nice healthy app you have shared for pet owners to support healthy pet. Thanks for your great support on pet health issues.

  2. I have been worried about the Weight history of my pets. Your app has significant features which are useful for me. I will definetly look forward of it.